Brain Fog Symptoms and 12 Natural Treatments

Have you ever felt as if you were viewing the world from afar?

As if every sound and image looks and feels distant.

Do you feel as if you are underwater?

This might mean that you are suffering from brain fog.

There are a lot of reasons why brain fog may occur. This can range from anxiety to poor diet. Brain fog can lead to one feeling forgetful, disconnected and disorganized.

Here is some good news. There are various brain fog treatment options available to help clear your mind. Natural remedies include the following.

1.    Sleep

You need more rest. One of the biggest causes of brain fog is lack of sleep. While you might not have the time to sleep for seven hours every day, you need to.

2.    Keep your stress in check

Managing stress is not easy. But, controlling stress is the key to combating brain fog. Identify things that give you tension and try to stay away from them. This can include letting go of toxic relationships and seeking help from therapists.

3.    Don’t ignore food sensitivities

If you have food allergies that you aren’t paying heed to, they might be causing brain fog. If nothing else works, get tested to see if you have any underlying food allergies and cut off the use of related foods from your life.

4.    Don’t multitask

While you might think that multitasking is your greatest strength, it is counterproductive. It is easy to become forgetful when you are bombarded with tasks and information. Do one thing at a time and watch as your brain fog gets better.

5.    Take time out for yourself

Do you live a hectic life? Well, you need to take a break now and then for the sake of your mental health. Opt for massages. Eat out. Get your hair done.

6.    Keep your brain stimulated

The more your brain works, the lesser are the chances of developing brain fog. Stimulate your mind by playing puzzles, learning a new language or skill.

7.    Keep hydrated

Your brain needs fluids to ensure that your neurons fire efficiently. Drink the recommended amount of water, depending on the weight and weather of the country you live in.

8.    Eat a balanced diet

You can’t just survive on carbs or proteins. Instead, you need a mix of it all. Maintaining a balanced diet will boost your energy levels and keep your brain active.

9.    Exercise

When you exercise, endorphins are released in the body which boosts brain activity. This helps to prevent brain fog. Workout regularly.

10.    Opt for healthy fats

There are different kinds of fats. You must opt for healthy fats that are found in olive oil, avocado oil, seeds and nuts. This will help improve brain health, thereby reducing brain fog.

11.    Befriend antioxidants

Eating food which is rich in antioxidants help improve memory. Incorporate leafy vegetables, berries and herbs in your diet to enhance cognitive functions.

12.    Let go of caffeine

Caffeine is your worst enemy. While it might alert the brain in the short-run, it ruins your sleep cycle and hence causes brain fog.


Use these natural treatment options to combat the onset of brain fog symptoms.

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