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How Amino Acid IV Nutrient Therapy Can Aid in Healing?

Addictions have a negative impact on a person’s life.  Mental, emotional and physical health is deeply affected.  Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause a chemical imbalance which can further cause a lot of mental and physical damage.  Amino acids are important to build protein molecules.  This means that our whole body is in fact […]

Revealed: Amino Acids Could Help Cancer Treatment

Amino Acids Could Eliminate Cancer Cells

According to Cancer Research UK, cancer patients can have additional treatment using a controlled diet that restricts certain amino acids within the body. Researchers carried out experiments on mice and found that removing two non-essential amino acids namely serine and glycine from the diet slowed down the development of tumors. It was also concluded that […]

Amino Acids Relieve Sleep Problems after Traumatic Brain Injury in Animals

Brain Injured Animals and Sleep Problems

An astonishing result of a study recently done depicts that treatment of traumatic brain injury is in fact possible. Thanks to amino acids. Researchers did an experiment on mice that had brain injuries which led to disruptions in their sleep. These mice were then treated with an improved diet which consisted of amino acids. This led to the […]