Frequently Asked Questions

Why RetroGen Health

A personalized approach to wellness:

Retrogenics provides men, women and children with physician-directed programs that promote vibrant health and wellness. Retrogenic’s goal is to bring an integrative approach to patient care that merges the latest in scientifically – validated treatment protocols with the best of conventional medical therapies.

Retrogenics specializes in treating men and women with premium vitamin therapy, a healthy approach to weight management, a functional approach to disease prevention and treatment, and therapies to reverse the symptoms of aging and enhance overall wellness and longevity.

Across all of our treatment protocols and modalities, our functional approach recognizes the interconnection between the systems of the body and treats the body as a holistic system of systems. Through our functional approach, we focus on underlying causes, healthy lifestyle changes, and treatment modalities that increase the body’s ability to achieve optimum function and the avoidance of disease.  In our chronic disease treatment programs, we focus significant attention on healing the gut, strengthening the immune system and improving the body’s ability to defeat illness.

Our individualized approach to health care recognizes that every person is biochemically unique and accordingly, no two people will respond to treatment in the same way or in the same time frame. Retrogenic providers work with each patient to implement treatment programs that work towards achieving that patient’s individual health objectives.

Our programs are all about reversing and slowing the aging process and preventing disease. Retrogenics utilizes a unique approach; Firstly, we equip our patients with the knowledge that is required to take charge of their health and achieve optimal well-being. Secondly, we focus on disease prevention by providing a thorough evaluation using comprehensive diagnostics and the information provided on the patient’s health history form. And finally, we work with patients to implement a rejuvenation program that consists of various science-based treatments that reduce cellular degeneration, promote tissue regeneration and healing as well as slowing down the aging process.

We do NOT replace the role of the family physician, instead we work with primary care physicians, internists and other medical professionals to provide the optimum in integrated care. We consider each and every individual as physiologically unique, and we do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach.

Our programs focus on a customized approach that will address risk factors that, if avoided or modified, could have beneficial effects for reducing the incidence of and premature mortality from the leading chronic conditions. Our vision is to provide the latest in scientifically-validated therapies for reversing the aging process, preventing chronic disease and optimizing health.

Is IV Nutrient Therapy Safe?

Our medical team has been highly trained to create & administer unique IV nutrient therapies.

Our formulations have been developed from our experience working with doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, and naturopaths so that we can safely administer high dose concentrations of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

We will not put your body at risk with prescription medication that is not required and we also take a full medical history and consent prior to starting these therapies. We may request blood tests prior to commencing therapy or correspond with your doctor to be sure that all of our procedures will not put you at harm or at any risk.

The IV nutrient therapies at Retrogenics can take between 30 minutes to 4 hours to administer, depending on the concentration of the drip and the patient’s desired outcomes. We provide some of the only professionally trained medical professionals in South Florida able to create and provide high dose vitamin concentrations of IV nutrient drips in our fully equipped medical clinic.

IV nutrient drips are not medical treatments and should not be used to replace any professional advice or treatment for symptoms, illness or known medical conditions. Retrogenics IV Nutrient Therapy is a general well-being choice to supplement essential nutrients as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How effective is an IV Nutrient Drip?

The ingredients used in our IV Nutrient drips contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, all of which are classified as ‘Essential Nutrients’ as our own body cannot produce them on its own. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is difficult, leaving many people lacking in some essential nutrients.

More than 1 in 3 people take daily oral supplements and most do not know that our natural digestion process can render up to 85% of a tablets active ingredients are useless. With IV Nutrient Therapy, essential nutrients such as high dose vitamin C can be administered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system to achieve up to 100% absorption and at a much higher level of concentration.

All of life with the exception of viruses are composed of cells. By the time illness, disease or tissue damage manifests, it is often too late for oral vitamins & minerals to make an effective change for the better. Intravenous or intra-muscular therapies provide the quickest route to provide the bodies cells with maximum nutrition to achieve optimal cell health.

Our goal is to provide these nutrients at directly into your body for maximum cell absorption to immediately refuel your bodies cells and restore balance & overall well-being both physically and mentally.

What are the benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy?

For many years professional athletes, sports stars and performers from Floyd Mayweather to Adele have used IV Nutrient Therapy to keep their bodies at optimal performance and help fight off illness and fatigue due to their hectic lifestyles.

The benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy:

  • Boost general immune function
  • Improve energy levels to combat fatigue
  • Boost metabolism to aid weight loss
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Rapid & direct rehydration
  • Aid recovery from illness or injury
  • Aid recovery following surgical procedures
  • Build nutrition from within
  • Enhance the appearance of skin & hair
  • Boost physical & mental wellness
  • Detoxification from the inside out
  • Relax the mind, body & relieve stress

We also provide intramuscular injections that can provide more convenient access to vitamins such as Vitamin B12 and also Vitamin D. These high dose vitamin boosters can be administered within 15 minutes at our clinic for those wanting a smaller but potent shot of nutrition supplementation.

RetroGen Supplement Information

Don’t just take our word for it, click on any of the ingredients below and a Google search will provide you with a wealth of information on the benefits of the nutrient, and how it works in the human body. You’ll learn how each ingredient can help rebuild, detoxify and strengthen your body, and how your energy levels can increase naturally, providing true anti-aging and well being. We have selected only the best, most bio-available ingredients for our ALPHA formulation. Six of which are patented, four are specifically licensed for our use in the ALPHA formula.














Turmeric – 95% Curcuminoids

Silymarin– Standardized Extract

Sunflower Lecithin




Trans-Resveratrol – 98% Standardized Extract

Choline-alFLOWscerate a Patented for of Alpha GPC



Curcumin – Patented high bio-availability extract

Curcumin C3 Complex

Vitamin C

Thiamine B1

Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin

Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine HCL

Vitamin B9 as Quatrefolic

Selenium SELECT – Selenium (Lselenomethionine) 40% Pure

Ginkgo Biloba – Standardized Extract

Magnesium Citrate

Medium Chain Triglycerides

Citric Acid

Maltodextrin – Non-GMO

Fastir Xanthan

Sweetened Naturally with Stevia and LuoHan Guo

Flavored with All Natural Mango Flavoring


The Science

RetroGen ALPHA is the product of 40 years practical experience identifying nutritional ingredients that actually work, and over 15 years experience in the field of genetics, identifying how nutrients impact genetic function. It incorporates botanical extracts and the most bio-available form of important vitamins that have been proven to be critical to overall health and well being on a molecular level, namely that they have been found to have a beneficial effect on genetic function. It is this link between epigenetics and nutrition that finally explains how certain nutrients work in the human body and why they are critical to longevity and well being.

ALPHA addresses an area of nutritional supplementation that has, for the most part, been overlooked, or neglected, namely that of macronutrients.  Micronutrients are mostly vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts. Macronutrients are mostly proteins and starches that also play a critical role in maintaining optimal health and well being. Proteins have until recently been ignored because they appear to be abundant in our diets, since most foods contain them. The importance of proteins is now being recognized and they are increasingly being used in meal replacements, supplements drinks, and products for athletes and the elderly.

Proteins are large molecules that are made of one or more amino acids. Proteins are difficult to digest, and their breakdown by our body uses about ½ of the energy value in the protein source to fuel the entire digestive process that frees up the amino acids for absorption and use by our metabolism. Of the amino acids freed up by the digestive process, approximately 50% are non-essential amino acids that were made by the animal or plant we ate, for use by their own metabolism. They are mostly of no value to humans and are discarded since the human metabolism makes its own non-essential amino acids. As a result, we only benefit from about 25-30% of the total protein contained in our food! (Of course, this is a theoretical number, based on 100% digestive efficiency (which few of us have) and assuming that the energy is derived from amino acids rather than from carbohydrates or fat.) 
Probably the most critical elements to the survival of any life form are essential amino acids (EAA’s). We get them from various proteins, and they deliver the nucleotides or building blocks for nearly every metabolic function in our body; virtually providing the bricks and mortar that build and maintain any life form. Plants are able to synthesize or produce all amino acids from their nutrients, but humans and animals cannot produce EAA’s and therefore must have them in their diet to survive. 

Amino Acids – What we get from Proteins
As humans grow and mature, their bodies store the EAA’s from their diet by building muscle and collagen containing tissues and bone. Approximately 60% of our amino acids are stored in muscles and ~25% are in the collagen found in skin, bone, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels. As a result, amino acids represent about 20% of our total body mass. Since at least 65% of our body is made of water, amino acids are the second largest body component; unless of course, obesity is an issue. Knowing this makes sense of why we need both water and EAA’s to survive.

Our EAA needs should normally be supplied by dietary protein consumption such as from beef, chicken, fish, beans, rice and other foods. However, the body’s ability to break these proteins down into the EAA needed for all metabolic functions diminishes over time, and as a result, various deficiencies occur. Whether the reduced digestibility and absorption comes from a sluggish pancreas or other reasons is irrelevant for now, what is critical is the fact that we generally begin having difficulty meeting our daily EAA needs by age 35-40. 

This is why EAA’s are so important in human nutritional supplementation: 


  • Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins that are made by each metabolism and are fundamental to the existence of life. Proteins are one of the most important basic nutrients needed by humans to survive and thrive. 
  • Nine EAA’s are derived from dietary protein and used by human metabolism to produce 12 non-essential amino acids, functional proteins and other precursors that impact every major metabolic function. Up to about age 35, human muscle mass is maintained or increased through diet and exercise. 
  • Soon thereafter humans begin to lose muscle mass at a rate of  ½%  to 1% per year, increasing with age to over 4% overall muscle mass lost each year, after age 75. Take a look at your parents and/or grandparents and compare them to a picture taken 10-20 years ago to get a visual of that.

Genetics of Nutrition Although our genetic code, as laid out by the Human Genome Project is static, generally not altered during our lifetime, and is inherited identically from each parent, the Epigenome is influenced by many personal and environmental factors, but most importantly nutritional consumption. The Epigenome is also partially heritable, meaning that changes that occur during one’s lifetime, prior to conception, can be passed on to one’s children. It can be said that the Epigenome controls many aspects of how genes function, much like software instructs computer hardware how to work. Every day new direct correlations are being made between the Epigenome and diseases such as cancers a inflammatory-related conditions that are now believed to be influenced or caused by Epigenetics. Epigenomics is providing a turning point to the understanding of heredity and evolution, and how mankind can have an impact on it. 


ALPHA is formulated with ingredients that have a long track record, and are known to be safe to consume on a daily basis. Although it is not intended to replace a multivitamin, ALPHA contains certain essential vitamins in a highly bioavailable form that are generally not found in common multivitamin brands. Most vitamin manufacturers do not understand for example, that one of the most fortified nutrients in our food supply, namely folic acid, does not benefit 35-40% of the people who consume it! This stems from genetic predispositions caused by mutations in a gene called that prevents certain people from being able to convert the folic acid into the bioavailable form that is needed by the body. Because of this little-known fact, many people still suffer folic acid deficiencies, even though they take multivitamins (containing folic acid) and eat products that are fortified with this crucial nutrient. Since the bioavailable form of folic acid (L-methylfolate) is so important to our metabolism on an epigenetic basis, it is included in ALPHA even though its cost is ~1,000% higher than that of common folic acid. Included are also a number of botanical ingredients that have been proven to beneficially impact genetic function in a variety of ways. The ingredients have been selected to synergistically impact the epigenetic profile of DNA, promote DNA repair, and improve gene expression, telomere maintenance, and stem cells. ALPHA was developed to help maintain the Epigenome for optimal wellness. This is based not only on the ingredients found in what is believed to be a healthy diet but includes active ingredients from substances that have been found in numerous ethnic diets worldwide, which have recently been proven to positively affect the Epigenome. Certain aspects related to how ALPHA ingredients work are not always clearly understood, but the data on them demonstrates with certainty that they impact the Epigenome in a positive manner. What is special about these natural substances is that they only turn on or off certain genes; not all genes; and they do this in a very selective intelligent manner. There are no known side effects or toxicity, and they oftentimes have been included in regional ethnic diets and herbal medicines for over 10,000 years. They impact and modify different Epigenetic regulation mechanisms as if they knew exactly what they were doing. Overall, more than 2,600 peer-reviewed and published human studies were reviewed during the development of the current RetroGen ALPHA formulation. Over 420 human studies on individual ALPHA ingredients demonstrated abilities to impact the methylation of certain genes. 270 studies demonstrated a beneficial impact on histone acetylation and over 785 human studies demonstrated genetic expression changes! 



June 2011, Nutritional status affects the epigenomic profile of peripheral blood cells, Juleen R Zierath & Romain E Barrès, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark Department of Molecular Medicine & Surgery, Section of Integrative Physiology, Karolinska Institutet, SE 171 73, Stockholm, Sweden Carcinogenesis vol.31 no.1 pp.27–36, 

2010 Title: Epigenetics in cancer. Shikhar Sharma, Theresa K. Kelly and Peter A. Jones, Department of Urology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Department of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-9181, USA

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Longevity is no longer about a healthy diet and exercise; it’s about advanced nutrition achieved by taking highly bio-available nutrients. ALPHA is formulated to provide the body with essential nutrients known to be the building blocks that help the body build and repair muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, proteins and hormones. Select micronutrients in ALPHA have clinically been proven to help optimize genetic function in humans. 

 The formula helps increases collagen production to provide your body with the building blocks to rejuvenate body tone, skin texture and more. Many high quality cosmetics deliver collagen building ingredients directly to your skin. ALPHA provides the natural ingredients your body uses to build collagen in all tissues throughout your body. 

 As of age of 35-40, people begin to lose muscle mass and have to work harder to build and maintain muscle. It’s a gradual process where initially people only lose ¼ to ½% of muscle mass a year. However, as aging progresses this is accelerated so that by age 75, the rate of muscle mass loss is often over 4% per year. 

The process of breaking down nutrients in the digestive system becomes less and less efficient with aging; making supplementation essential for optimal wellness. Without optimal nutrition, numerous deficiencies are known to develop that lead to degenerative processes. 

As a result, the body is gradually weakened as muscle mass, collagen, bone and other connective tissues degrade. DNA methylation, a mechanism that instructs genes on how to function also degrades and is lost in areas responsible for metabolic processes. The resulting metabolic imbalance, triggers inflammatory responses and other degenerative disease processes. As more genes fail to receive proper instructions, more metabolic problems begin to occur and compound. 

 One 390 gram (13.75 oz) container of ALPHA contains the amino acid equivalent of over 30% of the adult daily requirement of amino acids from protein for a whole month! Amino acids are the primary nutrients we derive from proteins. Next to water, proteins are the second most essential nutrients to sustaining life. ALPHA is not intended as a food substitute, but is a powerful nutritional enhancement that reduces the need for high protein diets. People who take ALPHA can continue eating a regular diet, become well nourished, while helping their body in building muscle, collagen tissues, and all other metabolites made from these building blocks. 

 ALPHA is formulated with ingredients that have long track records, and are known to be safe to consume on a daily basis. Although it is not intended to replace a multivitamin, ALPHA contains certain essential vitamins in a highly bioavailable form that are generally not found in most brands. For example, one of the most fortified nutrients in our food supply, folic acid, does not benefit 35-40% of the people who consume it! This is due to genetic predispositions that prevent certain people from being able to convert the folic acid into the bioavailable form needed by the body. Because of this, many people still suffer folic acid based deficiencies, even though they take multivitamins and eat products that are fortified. Since the bioavailable form of folic acid (L-methylfolate) is so important to our metabolism on an epigenetic basis, it is included in ALPHA even though its cost is 1,000% higher than that of common folic acid. Included are also a number of botanical ingredients that have been optimized for high bioavailability uptake, which have been proven to beneficially impact genetic function in a variety of ways.


RetroGen ALPHA supplements your diet with pure, unadulterated macro and micronutrients that have been found to be critical for an optimal metabolism. Some included nutrients are often not consumed in a regular diet, and many of the nutrients in ALPHA are normally difficult to break down and absorb by the digestive system. 

When these critical building blocks that make up our body are delivered in an easy to absorb form, providing maximum bio-availability, with minimal expenditure in digestive energy, the body can more efficiently produce the proteins, hormones, enzymes and other metabolites that it needs. 

 As a result, the overall energy level in those taking ALPHA is increased. We estimate, that an adult taking ALPHA twice a day, as directed, will consume 10 grams of free form amino acids, or the equivalent of ~30+ grams of protein. This is more than half of the daily adult requirement. The World Health Organization estimates that humans need about 15 grams of essential amino acids each day. The protein comparison is only valid if the digestive efficiency of the individual is near 100%. Most adults develop suboptimal digestive efficiencies as they age, or become ill, even if they take certain medications regularly. The biggest impact is on the breakdown of one of the most critical nutrients in our diet, namely protein. 

The nutritional value of protein comes from the amino acids they are made of. When we’re looking for life on other planets, we look for the two things that humans and all of earth’s other live inhabitants are mostly made of, water and amino acids. 

In developed countries, it often comes to pass that digestive efficiency is so poor, that a person trying to compensate for the amino acid deficiencies, does so by eating more. As a consequence, we have an obesity epidemic. This is because carbohydrates and fats are much more easily broken down and absorbed by our digestive systems than the desired protein. 

To complicate matters, most commercially available protein sources are polluted with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and toxins. You might say: What if an only organic protein is consumed? They too contain a large component of waste, because they are made of more than 50% non-essential amino acids that are only of value to the life form they came from. 



Available in a powder form, ALPHA can be mixed into water, juice, smoothies, or other foods for easy consumption. When ALPHA is used for weight management, we recommend ALPHA be taken twice a day for adults weighing up to 170 lbs, plus one additional dose for every 50 lbs over 170 lbs. With time, the ALPHA nutrition helps to naturally curb food cravings. The improved energy metabolism provides you with a natural ability to do more, without strain or fatigue. Walking, climbing stairs and even getting up out of a sitting position become easier tasks as muscle mass increases based on normal everyday movement. This results in body re-sculpting and makes it easier to maintain weight balance without strict diets and/or excessive exercise. Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with an exercise regimen.


Self improvement takes the commitment to do the things we know to be good for us. In order to achieve optimal results, RetroGen ALPHA needs to be taken consistently, much like you need to stop to eat and drink to keep feeling well. Those of you who are on the go all day can really benefit from the added stamina that ALPHA can help you achieve, but taking ALPHA on the road can get messy. We recommend that you try taking your first dose of ALPHA first thing in the morning. For the second serving, try taking ALPHA 30-60 minutes before dinner. If you feel overstimulated taking it late in the day, try to find a way to take it at noon. Everyone will eventually find the best way that they like to take ALPHA. Some find it delicious right away, mixed with just water, while others will prefer to try to take it in different drinks until they find a tasty combination. 

Our first recommendation is to dissolve a scoop of RetroGen ALPHA in 2-4 ounces of room temperature water. Within a ½ minute, some of the powder will dissolve and the rest will sink to the bottom of the glass. Stir the water and add your favorite fruit juice. Orange or mango juice, work very well, but some folks mix it into their smoothies, or even cranberry, apple or other juices. The optimal absorption of nutrients requires 6-8 oz of liquid to be consumed with the powder. 

Although it may be inconvenient, we recommend that you find a way to take ALPHA twice a day for the first 2-3 months and then, if you wish, you can reduce consumption to a maintenance dose of one serving per day, while eating a healthy diet. 


RetroGen Pain Spray Ingredients: 

Active Ingredients: Asian Cobra Venom 4X (70 mcg/mL) Analgesic

Inactive Ingredients: Flavoring, Purified Water, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Phosphate, Xylitol


RetroGen Pain Roll-on Ingredients:

Active Ingredients: Asian Cobra Venom 4X (30 mcg/mL) Analgesic

Inactive Ingredients: Benzalkonium chloride, Ethanol, Methocel, Propylene glycol, Saline


Millions suffer from acute or chronic pain every year and the effects of pain exact a tremendous cost on our country in health care costs, rehabilitation and lost worker productivity, as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on patients and their families. 

While acute pain is a normal sensation triggered in the nervous system to alert you to possible injury and the need to take care of yourself, chronic pain is different. chronic pain persists. Pain signals keep firing in the nervous system for weeks, months, even years. 

RetroGen Pain Products provide all-natural anti-inflammatory analgesic pain relief that is non-toxic, non-narcotic, non-addictive, non-steroidal and contains no aspirin or acetaminophen. Safe to use without a prescription, it treats conditions that cause chronic pain. 

RetroGen Pain Products are believed to work by targeting some of the same receptors on nerve cells that are also recognized by nicotine. These receptors are found in nerves outside the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and they are also found on cells of the immune system. Specialized proteins in our pain products block the action of acetylcholine, a major stimulating neurotransmitter in the nervous system and activator of the inflammatory pathways. As a result, the pain and inflammation pathways are temporarily shut off. In some clinical studies, RetroGen pain relieving products could provide prolonged chronic muscle and joint relief.


In ancient China, cobra venom saw its primary use in the treatment of cancer and arthritis. Reportedly the venom was used to treat liver cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia. In the Indian Unani system of medicine, cobra venom has been used as a tonic, aphrodisiac, hepatic stimulant and for revival in collapsed conditions. In India and China, such venoms are administered at specialized medical centers and for an extensive array of applications. 

Today in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cobra venom sees its application mainly to the control of pain. A purified neurotoxin from the Cobra was introduced to the market as an analgesic by Kunming Institute of Zoology in 1978. A modified version of this neurotoxin (Fu Fang Ke Tong Ning) was developed and put into the market in 2000. The new drug became a mixture of cobrotoxin, ibuprofen, and Qu Ma Du. Qu Ma Du (believed to be Tramadol) is a narcotic analgesic with low addictive potential. The new drug takes effects faster, long lasting and is safe. This drug is now also used as for treatment of drug addiction in the Chinese province of Yunnan. 

The medical application of cobra venom was incorporated into the Materia Medica in the 1800s along with several other snake venoms. In the early 1900s, Calmette (of BCG fame) investigated the use of cobra venom in the treatment of cancer in mice. It was subsequently applied clinically to subjects with cancer where it established a reputation in France for relieving pain. In 1936, Macht, a researcher within the pharmaceutical company, Westcott, Hynson, and Dunning, showed that cobra venom, when injected in minute doses, produced analgesic effects that were superior to morphine inactivity. In fact, cobra venom was employed when morphine was no longer effective or when patients became addicted to the opiate. 

Cobra venom proved to be 80% effective in the clinic for the treatment of a headache and arthritis pain and it allowed long-term control of chronic pain conditions without addictive problems. A feature of this venom product was its slow onset of analgesic activity however its activity is prolonged. In 1938, acceptance of homeopathic medicine including cobra venom was incorporated into the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act sponsored by Royal Copeland. In the latter part of the last century cobra venoms were studied for the treatment of severe pain but also rheumatism, trigeminal neuralgia, asthma, ocular therapy, and neuroses. 


RetroGen Pain Products are supported by significant clinical evidence consisting of 46 human clinical studies and 20 pre-clinical studies documenting the effectiveness of cobra venom for the treatment of various types of pain, including cancer pain, chronic pain, neuralgia, and pain associating with parkinsons, arthritis, and herpes zoster. Wei S, Qiu L; Chen ZH; Xu MC. Effect observation of Snake venom point injection in the treatment of scapulohumeral periarthritis. Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2007. 14: 68,96.


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Pain Products are specifically indicated to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain, migraines, neuralgia, arthritis pain and pain from repetitive stress. Clinical experience shows that pain products may also provide relief from other forms of pain such as pain associated with cancer.


Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 3 months. Some experts define it as lasting longer than 6 months. Chronic pain may be related to a number of different medical conditions including diabetes, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, cancer, shingles, sciatica, and previous trauma or injury. Chronic pain may worsen in response to environmental and/or psychological factors. 


It may take a few days for your body to feel the full effect of RetroGen Pain Products and, therefore, should initially be taken as directed to achieve pain relief. Once pain is under control, the level of dosing may be reduced to an as needed basis. 


In animal studies, the active components of RetroGen Pain Products gave equivalent analgesic effects with doses 300 times less than aspirin and 30 times less than morphine. 


No, our RetroGen Pain Products are not an opiate-based drug, so they can be used safely in recovering addicts or individuals that have become tolerant to the effects of their pain medication. 


High doses of RetroGen Pain Products are not toxic nor life threatening. However, excessive use may induce a prolonged headache.


The majority of reported adverse effects of cobra venom are associated with the neurotoxic components of the venom. If they occur, the side effects of oral administration are usually nausea, headache and upset stomach.


Yes, however, RetroGen Pain Relieving Products may enhance the affect of opiates, so it is best if opiate use is reduced while taking RetroGen Pain Products.

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